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The purpose of these webpages is to give information about the history of the Geelmuyden family.   We try to include all of the family, including descendents who do not use the family name.   But the site will also include information about other families and ancestors of persons who in some way, directly or indirectly, are connected to the Geelmuyden family.  By the start of 2022 you will find information about nearly 37 000 persons on this site.  We regret that most of this site is found only in norwegian.
Here you will find information about the family history. We will gather new knowledge about all descendants of the family, including those who do not use the Geelmuyden name. We aim in the future to make the family history available in a book.

Slektsoversikt («Survey of the Family») give access to the family tree.  This include only short information, notes and the relations between family members, presented in the genealogical software TNG   The Next Generation.
On the page  Historier om slekten (stories about the family») you will find long stories about the family.

Hans Geelmuyden 1780-1850

Gerrit Adriaensz van Geelmuyden came to Bergen from the netherlands in July 1660. He is the common ancestor for the present Geelmuyden or Geelmuijden family in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, USA og the Netherlands.

Left:     Scoleus:  Bergen approx. 1580, seen from west.
Right:  Civil roll for Bergen 1660 (BBA A-0651 Hb1):
«19. Julj   Gierdt Adriansen Geelmuyden
føed udj Holland i Gellmuyden».

( born in Holland in Gellmuyden )

Pictures:  At the left the town Geelmuyden (now Genemuiden) in the province Overijssel, the Netherlands, drawn approx. 1556 by Jacob van Deventer (born approx. 1500 died 1575 ).   At the right an aerial photo of Genemuiden in 1975.  Notice how the curve of the city still follow the old, now refilled canal through the city.

You may contribute with your knowledge

We need your help in writing the family history.  You may give information about births, weddings or deaths in your part of the family.  Perhaps you will contribute with a history about some of the persons in your family, either a few lines or a longer history ?

You may send corrections if you find mistakes in the information.  You may also send new information about family members.  Please contact the webmaster by email:   Knut Geelmuyden:

Much work is done in connection with this website and the research and writing of the family history.    It is timeconsuming to provide english translations at the same time.  Therefore any english translations depend on voluntary partisipants who will translate and send in the stories appearing on this site.  Such translated stories are published under «HISTORIER» on the site, next to the norwegian version of the same text.  Relations who want to contribute with translations are welcome.

The links on this page will lead you to the norwegian pages.  I am sorry for the inconvenience for foreign readers.  For those who want to read the family tree (behind the link Slekt)  the «dictionary» found low on the page Historier, under «Veiledning» (=guidance) may provide some help.

Further information about this site

Most of the text on this website is in norwegian, as priority is given to research and making information avaiable.  If anybody want to contribute with translations of the stories, the translations will be made available on the website.  The family tree will be more accessable when using the enclosed «dictionary»: 
Click here for Dictionary for the family tree:   Norwegian – English – Dutch

Do you want to be invisible, or do you want to be seen in the family history ?
Perhaps you will find your name or picture on this website.  If you want your name or picture removed from the website,  please notify us about your wish.
If you do not find yourself on the website, and want to assure that you are made visible, please send us your information and perhaps a picture.

You will also find several topics, including guidance to the reading of old norwegian handwriting (german letters), abbreviations used on the website, a short «dictionary» norwegian-english- dutch for some words used on this website (particularly in the family tree (Slektsoversikt), and guidance for persons who wish to copy from this website (see below).

The heading Kontakt (= Contact) in the menu give the email address for the webmaster Knut Geelmuyden, to whom you may send any corrections or additional information. You may correct mistakes you find on the website.  In addition we hope that you will contribute with information about your part of the family.  We hope to gather information about all descendents of the Geelmuyden family.  Please make contact of you want to cooperate about or contribute to the family history.

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The purpose of this website is to make available knowledge and information about the family.

Consequently it is permitted to copy and publish the content of the website.  But this is only permitted under the following conditions:

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